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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the week start and end?

The dining service week starts on Friday and goes through Thursday.

Can I add additional funds to my account at any time?

YES! Visit the website. After signing in, click on ACCOUNT INFO, then click CAROLINA CASH DEPOSIT, select the current term (ie. Spring 2018), and the amount you wish to deposit

Do unsued meals rollover to the next week?

Any meals not used during the week do not carry over to the next week. 

If I have a meal plan how do I pay for my meals?

All students, faculty & staff are asked to present their Carolina Card (student ID card) at the time of purchase. Your meal plan account is assigned to the magnetic strip on the back of this card.

How can I check to see what is on the menu today?

First click on the Dining tab, scroll down to CLC Dining Hall, and on this page you will find a link that is called "on the menu". You click on this link to find what the dining hall is serving that day or any day that week.

Do my Spartan Points rollover from semester to semester?

Points purchased as part of a Commuter meal plan will roll-over from Fall to Spring but not Spring to Fall. Spartan Points included in the Ultimate & Freedom plans must be used during the semester in which they are purchased. Any unused points will be lost. If on-campus residence students purchase extra points, those will then rollover from fall to spring.

What are Spartan Points?

Spartan Points are a declining balance. Each Point is equivalant to one dollar. When you run out of points on your account it does not go into the negatives, you are just out of points.

What are Spartan Blocks (Around the Block plan)?

Spartan blocks can only be used in the CLC Dining Hall. Each block will be used for one visit into the Dining Hall. Owners of this plan may use these meals on friends and family. Meals rollover from Fall to Spring semester, but not Spring to Fall semester. Block plans are purchased in 25 block increments.

How do I add Spartan Points to my card?

Go to the Carolina Card Self Service Site to make purchases or changes to your meal plan.

How do I purchase a meal plan Online?

Go to the Carolina Card Self Service Site to make purchases or changes to your meal plan.

If I live on campus what plan do I have to have?

If you live in the Palmetto House or the Magnolia House you are assigned to The Ultimate Plan. If you live in the Palmetto Villas you are given The Freedom Plan, but you have the option of upgrading to The Ultimate Plan. To upgrade your plan if you live in the Villas you can report to or call the cashiers office before billing goes through. If billing has already gone through you must go to the cashiers office located in the Health Education Complex.

What is MyDtxt?

My Dining Text is a texting program where students can receive coupons, reminders and discounts on their cell phone from Dining Services. The program is free to you, we pay for the service and you can opt out at any time. To register for MyDtxt, click here

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Important Info

Carolina Card Info
Your Carolina ID card must be presented each time you enter the Campus Life Dining Hall and at all on-campus locations. Your chosen meal plan will be automatically encoded onto your Carolina Card on Move-In Day or at Orientation. If you lose your ID card, inform the Dining Services Office and order your replacement card. Replacement cards are purchased at the University Public Safty Station for $25.00.

Spartan Bonus Bucks
Spartan Bonus Bucks are a great solution for purchasing meals and snacks at the Smith Building Food Court, Sandellas and Fuel. All food purchases are tax free using Spartan Bonus Bucks and all USC Upstate Residential Meal plans include Spartan Bonus Bucks. As an additional bonus, you receive an automatic 8% discount when you use Spartan Bonus Bucks at the Campus Life Center Dining Hall.

More Spartan Points (which rollover from Fall to Spring semester) can be added to your Carolina Card through the Carolina Card Self Service Site. Whenever you make a meal purchase, simply present your card to the cashier and the amount will be deducted from your balance. Spartan Points do not roll over from year to year.

Do You Have Particular Dietary Needs?
No problem! We are committed to meeting the needs of our students; in the CLC Dining Hall we will feature particular menu items which are lactose free and gluten free. We can provide additional assistance for student who have particular food allergies or intolerance. Our posted daily menus list any potential allergens and all nutritional information for that particular menu item being served. For more information, please contact the Dining Services Office at (864) 503-5900 or visit us in the Campus Life Center, Room 121.

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