Frequently Asked Questions

My Dining Text is a texting program where students can receive coupons, reminders and discounts on their cell phones from Dining Services. The program is free to you, we pay for the service and you can opt out at any time. Register for MyDtxt.

Our Campus Dining Services Program can accommodate your special dietary requirements. For more information, please contact Jim Shecter, General Manager email or call (864) 503-5515.

Meal Plan

YES! Purchase additional points at any on-campus dining register. Also visit the website. After signing in, click on ACCOUNT INFO, then click CAROLINA CASH DEPOSIT, select the current semester term, and the account you wish to deposit

All students, faculty and staff are asked to present their Carolina Card (student ID card) at the time of purchase. Your meal plan account is assigned to the magnetic strip on the back of this card.

Points purchased as a part of a Commuter Meal Plan will roll-over the December break but will not roll over the Summer break. Spartan Points included in the Ultimate, Freedom, and Villa Plans will not roll over into the next semester and must be spent during the semester in which they are purchased. Any unused points will be lost. If on-campus students resident students purchase extra Spartan Points, those will then roll over the December break.

Spartan Points are a declining balance prepaid account utilized with your student ID. Each point is equivalent to $1. Spartan Points are accepted at all on-campus dining locations

Spartan Blocks are meal equivalent declining balance only to be used in the CLC Café. Each block will be used for one visit. Owners of this plan may use these meals for friends and family also. Meals rollover the December break but not over the Summer break. Block Plans are purchased in 25 block increments.

Certain plans will automatically be added to your tuition bill depending on resident/commuter status. Login to check the meal plan line item added to your bill. You may alter your bill here or visit/call the Cashier's Office at (864) 503-5231

CLC Café

The dining service week starts on Friday and goes through Thursday 

Any meals not used during the week DO NOT carry over to the next
First click on the Dining Tab, scroll down to CLC Café, and toward the bottom this page your will find a link "on the menu". You may also downlaod the BITE app on your mobile device by searching "Bite by Sodexo".